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Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Gimme Shelter

Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Gimme Shelter

Dear god where do I even begin with this movie?!

Gimme Shelter was one of the most moving films I’ve watched all year. Sure it’s only the 24th day of the year, but it has set a precedent in the dramatic film genre for me that will be very difficult to surpass by other films set for release this year.

For me, I barely missed the High School Musical phenomenon as a fan and a mom. Too old to be a fan without being really, really creepy (I only have racy dreams about Zac Efron now that he’s a grown man, thankyouverymuch) and Dylan was too young to really enjoy the movie to its pandemonium reaches. From what I do know about the catapult to fame that it offered Vanessa Hudgens, oh my did that young woman ever break any molds that ever were, have, or possibly ever could be constructed to fit her into. The pure, unfiltered talent of Vanessa in this film was something that left me unintentionally mouth agape with a stream of drool pooling in my lap.

I honestly debated writing “Vanessa Hudgens is a fucking genius.” in the body of this review and hitting publish, but I figured the studio that reached out for an honest review would be appreciative, of course, but respond with “a little more meat on that review, maybe?”

While I didn’t relate directly to the context of the events in the story, I found myself sharing every emotion that was portrayed in the film rather than typically experiencing an evocation of emotion as with most film experiences. The struggle, the anger, the fear, the joy. They all resonated to a depth that reasserted the overall talent and heart that was poured into the creation of this film.

In sum, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend seeing Gimme Shelter at your earliest convenience. Preferably twice. Or thrice. I won’t judge you for enjoying something so much you develop a healthy addiction to moviegoing. Not even for a second.

Gimme Shelter is in theaters today, Friday, January 24th. Click HERE for showtimes in your area.

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