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The New SHUGGILIPPO: Now Part of a Well-Balanced Internet Diet

Now Part of a Well-Balanced Internet Diet

Welcome, welcome to the brand spankin’ new!!

There have been a lot of exciting shifts and changes happening around these parts in the past couple of months. I am over the moon to be at a place where we’re finally moving into a new space and only three of our things were completely broken in the move and everything else was only gently damaged in the process. But strangers did touch all of my things so I’ll probably need to burn a few pairs of my underpants and a tchotchke or two.

My last site was a nightmare that didn’t fit me or the content I wanted to be publishing even a little. It was essentially me, wearing overalls and golf shoes, without being a farmer or a golfer. And everyone having full permission to point and laugh at how absurd I looked. Although, considering the lack of sleep, over-consumption of artificial energy (Big ups to Red Bull & espresso! ::fist bump::) and increasing lack of normal brain function it took to get this sexy new space ready for visitors, I wouldn’t put it past me to show up somewhere in the not-so-distant future wearing such a thing.

I wanted to give you a written tour of the new digs, but how boring is reading about reading, y’know? Instead I think you should watch the Ultimately Incredible Website Launch Tour Video Extravaganza below.

You’ll probably be sorry you did, but I hear they make a cream for that.

WARNING: Fully expect terrible opera singing.

Tell me what you’re looking forward to most in the comments below!

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