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Jess Kween Custom Hair and Face Products

I was provided free product and a discount code from Mix Easy. That’s it. Everything I say here is 100% true.


My name is Jess and I am obsessed with self-care.

Every Wednesday night, I light a few candles, drop a bath bomb in my tub, drink sparkling water, apply a face mask, and pamper the living daylights out of my hair.

See? It’s really good hair. Hair that deserves to be treated like a kween.

Which is precisely why, after hearing loads and loads of wonderful things from my fellow hair-pampering pals about them, I jumped at the opportunity to create my own custom shampoo and conditioner with Mix Easy.

Jess Kween Shampoo and Conditioner from

Since I’m an Italian stallion, I have naturally oily…everything. Which is precisely why I built a formula that would not only play well with that but also highlight the good parts about having an overabundance of natural hair oils.

Here’s what each of mine contains:

Jess Kween Shampoo Formula

  • Honey + Milk
  • Key Ingredients: Propolis extract, Calendula extract, Ginseng extract, Daisy flower extract, Redcurrant extract

This smells better than anything your nostrils have ever sniffed. And I bet you’ve smelled fresh baked chocolate chip cookies before just like me. It’s better than that.

Jess Kween Conditioner Formula

  • Honey + Milk
  • Key Ingredients: Propolis extract, Calendula extract, Dragon’s blood extract, Cloudberry extract, Silk protein, Amino Acids

This formula right here is how you keep that sheen, my fellow oily headed boys and girls. Without the stringy, wet dog look that was briefly “on trend” back in the early 2000s.

And here’s a special little bonus for you dudes and dudettes…a 20% discount! Simply use code “LINEN” at checkout to apply.

Did I mention that my face skin suffers from the same oily affliction? I tossed a face cream into the mix (heh) while I was at it.

Jess Kween Face Cream from

Jess Kween Face Cream

  • Sunlight Dance
  • Key Ingredients: Echinacea extract, Propolis extract, Arnica extract, Linden tree extract, Cranberry extract, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract
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