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Introducing Jess Kringle’s Holiday Gift Ideas

Introducing Jess Kringle’s Holiday Gift Ideas

“Jingle bells! Batman smells! Robin laid an eeeeeegg…”

Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.

Welcome, welcome to the first official Jess Kringle’s Holiday Gift Ideas series!

::trumpets blaring:: ::confetti cannons:: ::jazz hands:: ::drunk Aunt Edna::

Introducing Jess Kringle's Holiday Gift Ideas

Stay tuned for quasi-daily posts with holiday gift ideas for the various enthusiasts in your life:

The Baking Enthusiast

The Child Collecting Enthusiast

The Internet Enthusiast

The Warm Neck Enthusiast

The Murderous Cat Enthusiast

The Prank Enthusiast

None of the manufacturers, creators, authors, or distributors of the forthcoming goodness would pay me in cornmeal or goats to share their wares, let alone dollars and cents. I mean, I didn’t even ask, but I’m fairly certain that’s how the story would go if I did. So rest assured, little elves, that I am sharing these awesome ideas out of the goodness of my own heart and because I want to make you laugh until egg nog comes shooting out of your various face orifices.

Damn, You Fine! Print:

If you are someone who manufactures, creates, authors, or distributes cool goodies for any of the enthusiasts listed above, or other kinds of enthusiasts like The Unicorn Lurving Enthusiast or The Underpants Enthusiast, feel free to send me an email pronto so I can slather it with Jess Kringle lotion and add it to the party.

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