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Jeremy Loops “Shelter from the Storm” (Cover)

First off, I’ve been known to give any Bob Dylan cover a chance.

Second off, this Bob Dylan cover is so wonderful I couldn’t keep it from getting stuck on infinite loop in your head all weekend too.

A whirlwind 2014 brought South Africa’s Jeremy Loops smack dab in the middle of the burgeoning music wizard spotlight. Headlining festivals alongside some of my very own favorites like MGMT, Jeremy’s album “Trading Change” debuted at #1 and was aptly named Album of the Year on iTunes in South Africa. If that isn’t enough to have my fellow citizens of the U.S.of.A bursting at the seams for its stateside release in May, I don’t know what would.

He’s cute too? Does that help? Are your seams bursting yet?

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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