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Weekend Earworms

Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg “Wiggle”

With the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, a burning desire to get back to dancing hip hop because dear god, the workout and the fun that crap is, and this freaking song all up in my ears (admittedly because I play it on infinite loop for 4 hours straight on any given day), by the end of this summer I’m going to be rock hard and the leader of a dance crew.

Crew? Krew? Are they spelling that word with a ‘K’ now because of krumping? Am I too old for this? Don’t answer that last one.

Anyway, I may not have “a booty like two planets” or any idea what it is to “go ham sandwich”, but I know it’s scientifically impossible to listen to this track and remain perfectly still.

Something’s going to bob, roll or wiggle.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

BONUS! I’m not a pet person (I know, I know. Sue me.) but this parody by The Pet Collective is friggin’ hilarious and adorable.

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