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I Am Not Alone

I Am Not Alone

Six years ago I started putting words and pictures onto the internet in a personal way for the first time.

It was at that point that I discovered a community of people who related to my occasionally isolating phase of life. As a new parent, I was suffering from intensely high levels of sleep deprivation and, more pointedly, a slowly growing loss of self identity.

Parenthood has the ability to change a lot of who we are as people.

However, there are moments over the years that I find clarity. My individuality has been refined by the powerful diversity in those people I confidently call my friends.

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Most of the invaluable relationships I’ve been afforded to nurture were those born from my attendance at industry events. From one to the next, they serve themselves as an annual opportunity for me to find the sameness in our drastic differences. To escape the solitude through an inappropriate joke, a charitable gesture, or an hours long intellectual discussion riddled with emotional passion and steadfast opinion.

To know I am not alone.

And while I was overly impressed as I walked through the doors to the convention center to give all of the wonderful human beings I’ve grown with massive big sister noogies, I somehow managed to maintain a sense of dignity by only doling them out well after the time of night where we all should have turned into pumpkins.

I kept my silly pestering to myself because I had something of honor to be proud of. This year I was approached by the lovely team at BlogHer to co-produce a video that would open the conference, but more importantly, celebrate a decade rooted in togetherness. An unimaginable opportunity to capture the myriad of stories told daily by the men & women who make up the flourishing community I myself first called home.

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