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Weekend Earworm - Summer 2014 on SHUGGILIPPO

Hozier “Take Me To Church”

There are times when I get caught up in the beat of a song and others where I find myself wrapped up in the silliness of the lyrics. Other times I hear a record and find myself searching for the nearest chair to collect myself.

Such was the case for me when I first heard Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”. And then I went and watched the music video, successfully fucking myself right up.

The lyrics sing sweetly of love, in some ways forbidden and in others embraced. About where or in what we find religion and connection. The video shows us how the world reacts to the beauty of love.

Find a seat before you press play on this one. Think about it a lot. Love the world around you. All of it. Every square inch.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

BONUS FUN FACT: If you’ve seen Wish I Was Here you may recognize him from the soundtrack. That you should buy immediately if you don’t own it already.

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