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How Moms Deal With It

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Red Baron® pizza. The opinions and text are all mine.

Motherhood is full of moments where either you or the family only have one option for the situation: deal with it.

Moms are pretty much the masters at this. Whether your kid is having a meltdown of epic proportions at the grocery store because you are, in fact, buying them the cookies they politely requested or someone got into the 10 lb. bag of flour, making it “snow” in the kitchen, there is a way for all moms to deal with it. Things like…


It happens to the best of us. You bestow on your child the item that they’ll love for their whole lives, a blankie or a stuffed animal, and then they lose it on a family trip. It always goes missing in a hotel room hundreds of miles from home. But you’re mom. You have a backup (or two) waiting at home on the top shelf of your bedroom closet for this very situation. You’re a mom who deals with it.


Probably the bane of every mother of school aged children: the school pickup line. There’s no avoiding the treachery of getting there too earlier and needing to loop back around because your child’s class hasn’t made it to the pickup area. And there’s certainly no way of avoiding the people who missed the memo about pulling forward. What can a mom do? You can turn on some tunes completely inappropriate for the ears of anyone under the age of 18 and you deal with it. Like a mom bawse.


It’s always an impromptu request. And, of course, it comes up on a school night, roughly ten minutes before it’s time to brush teeth and get in pajamas. Sometimes it’s not a battle to be fought, but a challenge to be accepted. Every blanket, bed sheet, and bath towel is at the ready. Don’t forget the couch cushions and throw pillows. This thing is going to be so fluffy and dealt with.


We’re not all cut out to be classroom parents. I can’t cut a straight line from a sheet of construction paper to save my life, but you know what I can do? I can order a pallet of construction paper and have it delivered by a courier service like nobody’s business. So send me your sign-up sheets. I’ll deal with it by calling dibs on paper plates for the holiday party.


The nightly dining battle. What in the world are we going to eat for dinner, mom?! Probably the easiest mom battle to deal with. Toss a Red Baron® Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza in the oven and watch the whole family gobble it up without a peep. And then listen to them ask for seconds. And then thirds. It has a flaky thin crust, premium cheese and hearty toppings.


Red Baron® pizza is seriously the perfect solution for conquering mealtime. It’s the one pizza everyone loves right to the last bite and the whole family can agree on. You can find Red Baron® pizza in the freezer aisle at Target!

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Check out my video where I talk about all of these “deal with it” moments and how Red Baron® helps! And tell me how you handle life’s deal with it moments!


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