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Taking Control of Me with CBD

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2020 has been a year.

Please don’t think that the rest of this post is going to be focused on these “unprecedented times” or surviving a pandemic. Because it’s not.

Well, okay, I’ll be fair. 

It will sort of be like that, but not entirely.

Nothing about this year has felt in control.

The decision for me to leave a job that fully relocated my partner and me to Montana felt like something that was 100% in my control, but the catalysts that got me to the point where I needed to make a decision were far from the grasps of my control.

And maybe that’s the issue. Maybe I am grasping for control over the things that are not up to me so much that it has a snowball effect on control over anything

I haven’t been sleeping well. I have spurts where I get a solid stretch of nights where I sleep through, but when I say they are a stretch, I mean that in more ways than the number of nights in a row that I sleep. 

My stress levels have been at a more consistent dull roar than they typically tend to be. I think the lack of calm has been the thing I’ve felt most out of control over. It seeps and sneaks and trickles and ticks away at everything. 

And sex. Team effort or partner optional, my typically heightened sex drive has been non-existent. Yeah. I went there. Because it all connects. It all circles back to this one very thing.

I am out of control.

Well…that is…I was less in control than I am now. I got wise.

As women, we don’t talk about these things, these facts of our lives, as openly as I think we should. 

I, as a woman, talk about this stuff a lot. If you’ve been here for any period of time beyond this one time, you know.

I am ambitious. Sometimes to a fault. That ambition often makes me feel invincible to the idea that my focus on achievement means I’m immune to feeling a lack of control.

I’m not controlling per se, depending on who you ask, but I do pride myself on being in control of me.

I’ve spent many years since meeting rock bottom clawing at the walls to surface from the fall, leaning on my doctors & therapists, being lifted by my community, and continuing to commit to the work that keeps me thriving.

A few years ago, it was recommended to me by a close friend, to incorporate CBD into my wellness routine. Since a few of my daily meds are blood thinners, I checked with my doctors (and continue to) each time I introduce a CBD product into my arsenal.

It has been a thrilling learning experience. Hemp-derived products have a long history of a stigma attached to them. 

Potheads. Stoners. Hippies. Freaks. Witches.

(Personally, I view all of these as compliments and would gladly add them to my resume. 🤷‍♀️ Also…the working title of my memoir.)

I do partake in all forms of hemp when the situation calls for them, but I am also, as we’ve covered, unapologetically ambitious. So being high, floaty, or a munchie-level chill is not always the right vibe for me. 

CBD is a hemp-derived solution that helps me clear my mind.

With a clearer mind, I can focus more on being a brand mid-wife.

With a clearer mind, I have less trouble getting a solid night’s sleep. 

With a clearer mind, I can focus on my pleasure. Sexually speaking. As much as I get turned on by cookies, I prefer to turn on my cookie…if you know what I’m sayin’.

Speaking of that brand midwifery I mentioned, I knew the moment I learned about the luxe CBD line, House of Wise, that my friend Amanda was launching, I wanted to help bring this thing to life. 

So last week, we did. 

I mean she did so much of the heavy lifting over the past two years: working with chemists to perfect the blends of full-spectrum CBD in a way to help you take control of your stress, sex & sleep, building a business model that is anti-MLM (I love you and your oils, but that’s not what this is, bebe), creating a scholarship program with Last Prisoner Project to support the undoing of the injustice of cannabis-related imprisonment & the challenges freedom from those convictions presents, and ultimately establishing a community of women who are empowered to take control of themselves & their wealth.

I am the official social media manager for House of Wise, yes, but I am also a #wisewoman of my own regard.

I do the work that I believe in. I support the things that scream innovation & vision. I do metaphorical backflips at the sniff of female empowerment.

So basically…

I’m just a girl standing in front of this CBD asking you to love it. 

Shop House of Wise CBD Products

Now available for pre-order. Shipping in mid/late-December.

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