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This Movie Would Be Tits

This Movie Would Be Tits

This Movie Would Be Tits #HooHasforTaTas

This movie would really, really be tits.

Because it’d be about loving them enough to save all of them. It’d be like World War Z if Brad Pitt was warding off cancerous boobies that were trying to takeover the lives of men and women everywhere. And there’d be an intense make out scene with me and Brad and that’d be totally okay because Angelina would be playing my stunt double for all of the high-impact, action scenes. I would have the making out covered though because I’m equal parts great at making out and great at being married to not-Brad-Pitt (I mean, Steve is my personal Brad Pitt, but not the Brad Pitt, y’know what I’m sayin’??).

Well, the unfortunate part about me practicing making out with Brad Pitt on my pillow pet for hours with reckless abandon is that this movie doesn’t really exist. And that poster up there is really just my quirky way of helping to promote the amazing, limited time Breast Cancer Awareness line hosted by HaHas for HooHas.

I guess basically…what I’m trying to say here is…I suppose I’m getting at uh…get yourself one of the most comfortable tees ever for makeout practice and contribute to the ongoing research efforts to find a cure for breast cancer.

That’s a pretty groovy deal, right?

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