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Weekend Earworms

Honey and the Money “Haven’t You Heard”

Here’s a little ditty with the sexiest saxophone solo this side of the Mississippi. And also the sexiest on that side of the Mississippi. All sides of the Mississippi are sexy because of the saxophone solo.

No but really, this song will get your toes tappin’ and your heart valves grinnin’. If heart valves can grin. I’m no doctor, but I think that’s an alright condition so long as it’s the result of pure, aural joy. Which would be the case here. Call me, Grey’s Anatomy. Your fans can nickname me McDweeby.

Best part? You can listen to it on repeat when you’re waiting forever in the school pick up line, folding underpants, or to end any conversation with happenstance acquaintances you bump into on the corner of Hollywood and Fairfax because it’s available for download form iTunes.

Happy listening, worms!

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