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I Went to the Hollywood Wax Museum & the Figures Were Kinda Rude & Needy

I Went to the Hollywood Wax Museum & the Figures Were Kinda Rude & Needy


I Went to the Hollywood Wax Museum & the Figures Were Kinda Rude & Needy

Now I haven’t gone to many wax museums in my life, but I have seen one of those horror movies where they put the humans inside the wax and so I was always a little creeped out by that. A few weeks ago though, I went to the Hollywood Wax Museum located in, you guessed it, Hollywood to see what the people in those figures were like. SPOILER ALERT! I quickly learned that there are no people inside the wax figures but instead that they’re meticulously and impressively carved from wax to look like people. The coolest part is that the Hollywood Wax Museum was the first wax museum to dedicate its entire show to Hollywood, celebrities and pop culture, so I was looking forward to getting up close and personal with some familiar faces. I think I should point out that I didn’t learn about the “there are no actual people inside the figures” thing until roughly halfway through the museum when I watched this cool video that shows you all the grunt work that goes into making them happen, right next to the bathrooms. Now before I’d learned about the process, I was trying to get chummy with some of the figures I recognized the most. One of them was sort of rude and didn’t even acknowledge that I’d asked for a chocolate to tide me over while we both waited there on that bench for the next bus:

Another had some sort of weird, sea-fear that had him telepathically begging me to squeeze him tightly and never let go:

Even though we were allowed to interact with the different exhibits within the attraction, there was this underlying excitement, like a rebellion, to get so up close and personal with the figures. I mean, I wasn’t rubbing on them or anything because my internal body temp runs a little higher than the average person and didn’t want to be in the article about how the entire wax museum melted at the hands of some lady rubbing on all the figures for the sake of internet content. Near the end of the museum, there’s sort of this zig-zag of pretty iconic characters/celebs so I made my rounds, giving them all props for doing such a bang up job of staying put for so long, grinning, and bearing the looney tunes like myself everyday. Good sports, the whole lot of them.

Basically, I’d totally, 100% recommend visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum if you’re looking for things to do in Hollywood. And if you’re in that “looking for looking for things to do in Hollywood” phase, I’d hit up their Facebook page HERE to stay updated on what’s the haps at the Hollywood location!


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