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Hey Deer // The Shugg Life

I discovered a long lost favorite tee of mine, completely let myself go while Steve was out of town for a half marathon in Zion National Park in Utah, and decided to have a little “Come to Jess-us” with you all about what to expect moving forward from me for this channel. It rhymes with “meekly muploads”. That’s right! I’m going to start doing weekly uploads to save my own sanity and give you all something you can count on once a week over here. I’ve been so blown away with how many of you are interested enough in the behind the curtain stuff of our lives that you’ve subscribed so far. I’m hoping to bring you all along on a ton of really fun adventures I’ve got planned for this year and beyond. Also? We did Disneyland again. Duh.

See so much ridiculous wig action!
Last week I really dug into my wig collection to make some fun videos.

We go to Disneyland a lot. Because we can. So we do.

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