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Harry Styles’ Debut Album is Making Me Feel Feelings

Harry Styles, former lead singer of One Direction, has released his debut, self-titled album and it’s making me question everything I’ve ever known.


I’ve long said that music is the soundtrack to our lives and this record could not have come at a more fitting time in my life journey. But so much more of the music is unexpected than the timing of the release.

I never would have expected to hear such a transformative sound from the lead of a boy band ensemble. Okay so maybe that’s a stretch. We all remember the flourishing solo risk known as Justin Timberlake after the end of our beloved *NSYNC. Mostly because he’s still damn relevant and talented as ever. I suppose my pleasant surprise with Harry Styles’ solo work stems from the fact that I was in my mid/late twenties at the peak of One Directions global domination. I wasn’t an impressionable teen and young adult, fawning endlessly over their swoony tunes and, dear god, that hair.

Basically I spent a hell of a lot of time hypocritically poking fun at the 1D fandom instead of probably being able to see this burgeoning talent from a mile away.

Harry debuted his single, Sign of the Times, in early April to a mind-glowingly positive response. It’s a smooth and sensual sound that throws one back to the crooners or yore. Something about the melody transports you to a simpler time. Check out his performance of the single on Saturday Night Live.

Just before the release of the full album on May 12th, Harry debuted his second single from the album, Sweet Creature, which is set to be featured in Christopher Nolen’s upcoming war film, Dunkirk, that Styles has been cast in.

This record is definitely a coming of age piece of work for Harry Styles. From the millennial pink cover art to the soundtrack-worthy melodies in every track, I see big things for this guy for a very long time.

Have you picked up the Harry Styles record yet? You should buy it here as soon as humanly possible. I promise you won’t be mad about it.

Also? Follow Harry on the internet. He’s funny on Twitter.

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