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Happy Spring Stamped Gift Bags via

Happy Spring Stamped Gift Bags


Spring is in the air. This can only mean that when I start to purge all of the things in a couple weeks for spring cleaning, I’ll also be crafting, crafting, crafting.

It’s one of my super powers I don’t talk about much in mixed company. “Mixed” being the drinks during the activities that lend no part of themselves to crafting or talking about crafting, of course. I wonder how many times I can type the word “crafting” before you click away.

Wait! Stop! Don’t go!

Now that Dylan is rounding out his successful stint as a first-grader, he’s at the point in social life, between classmates and carpool pals, where he’s developed some really close friendships. And since I proudly proclaim my outcast spirit animal as being ‘greeting cards and gifts’, I’m instilling the practice of “just because” surprises on him early. Since he already enjoys pen pal-ing and note writing to Steve and me, this comrade zone gives me room to stretch my Pinterest-friendly legs.

With spring and its respective holidays coming up (and, let’s be real, to ration my sanity) I opted to have him help me put together these Happy Spring stamped gift bags to deliver to his friends before we brave spring break. But a few tweaks to customize the stamped message on the gift bags could be a great idea for any party or holiday celebration.

I got most of my materials in the Target Dollar Spot and Michaels. I went with small dinosaur figures, jump ropes, googly eyes, stickers, chocolates, and blinky rings for the goodies.




  1. Using the letter stamps, stamp “Happy Spring”. Now stamp a single spring shape below the text.
  2. Allow the ink to dry. About 2-3 minutes.
  3. Fill the bags with your treats, toys & trinkets of choice.
  4. Tighten the bag to cinch closed.
  5. Write child’s name on the metal tags using your marker.
  6. Tie tag at the base of the drawstring.
  7. Gift to your heart’s content!

Do you create tiny gifts for your friends or children's friends just because?

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