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How to Handle Lunch as a Busy, Professional Woman

This post was sponsored Tai Pei, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I know that when you think of me, you may not necessarily be thinking “busy, professional woman”, but I’m telling you, that lifestyle is my jam.

I recently made a shift from working entirely for myself to a fast-paced sales position at a booming advertising agency. Which really meant one thing…I was about to forget to eat lunch way more often.

Now if you’ve spent even the hottest second getting to know me, you know that I love me some food. It’s always my default activity of choice for social gatherings or a casual (or formal) business meeting. But sometimes, when there’s no lunch companion around, I’m left to my own devices. And that usually means I’m skipping lunch and, well, hanging out on all of my devices.

It’s really important to me though to be sure I’m carving out the time, even if it’s 10-15 minutes, to get a solid meal into my busy schedule. It means I’ll be able to rock on with my bad self, have the energy to be spontaneous with my kid, and maybe, just maybe, even sneak in the occasional night out with some friends.

This means I’ve always got my eyes (and my tastebuds) out for something quick, convenient, and tasty.

Which, honestly, was precisely why I perked up and wanted to know more when my friends at Tai Pei reached out about an ambassadorship with them. You tell a girl like me that you’ve got delicious, real, quality ingredients and fresh taste, and I’m in. Not to mention that I will always, always, choose Asian food whenever it’s an option.

My first foray into the Tai Pei universe was the Pepper Beef single serving bowl. The process of making it was super simple, thanks totally to Tai Pei’s new convenient packaging. I also enjoyed the way they layered the ingredients in the package as well. Rice on the bottom, pepper beef and then the super fresh and crispy veggies, front and center right on top.

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And the flavor? Stop.

This particular bowl busted the boredom of a typical, everyday meal. And with so many choices, they are a great option for a quick meal whether you’re working from home, the office…or wherever you can find the closest microwave.

My BEEF.F.F’s at Tai Pei wanted me to pass along this groovy coupon for you to save a few bucks on a flavor of your choice. This coupon gives you $1 off any Tai Pei single serving bowl. Download and print your Tai Pei coupon to try one of the flavors for yourself.

I hope you’ll kick it with me here and on social media as I keep partnering with Tai Pei to bring you new and exciting meal ideas for every lifestyle.

This post was sponsored Tai Pei, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


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