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13 Things Only People Who Grew Up in Mesa Know

13 Things Only People Who Grew Up in Mesa Know

Mesa, Arizona is a big, old city with an “everybody knows your name”, small town kinda vibe.

Here are 13 things only people who grew up in Mesa know:

1. The intense significance of Jackrabbits vs. Torros.

High school rivalries have nothing on what it was like to go to Mesa High or Mountain View. Nothin’.

2. The joy of a 32 oz Dr. Pepper from M&M for 50 cents.

Two quarters have never gone so far in our lives. And Pac-Man is a thing so…

3. The non-secular meaning behind stickers that said “JEW”.

Jim and Tom and Rick and Zach, man. The eaters of our youthful worlds.

4. The go-to comfort of knowing there will always be someone hanging out at Sonic.

No doubt you’ll pull up to see someone dancing in a truck bed or a group of people OD’ing on happy hour limeades.

5. The lifeblood that is Matta’s salsa.

Seriously the greatest liquid spice to tango with your tastebuds.

6. The sweaty excitement of a weekend show at Neckbeards.

You’re about to experience no such thing as personal space. But it’ll be worth it to see your fave local bands.

7. The creamy delight of Goody’s fro-yo.

A date-night spot that was the worst for a first date because deliciously messy.

8. The musty scent of the dollar theater at Supersition Springs.

You want to breathe through your mouth, but then that means you’ll have to taste it.

9. The adrenaline-filled process of getting ready for a giant dance party.

It. Was. A. Process. Indeed. So fly. Much grinding.

10. The icy goodness of a Bahama Rama Mama from Bahama Bucks.

And you always get the cream or GTFO immediately.

11. The rise and fall of the Brimhall Bobcats.

RIP Bubba.

12. The awkward evolution of a house party to kava party.

Why? What? Where the hell did everyone go all of a sudden?!

13. The surprising revelation that your group of friends are all related.

Like really, though. Ew.

What do you remember that I’ve maybe missed about growing up in Mesa?
Leave me a comment and maybe I’ll make a part two.

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