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That Graphic Design Kid Grind

That Graphic Design Kid Grind

That Graphic Desing Kid Grind

“That’s such a great house filled with love, Buddy!” I exclaimed as he held the printout up proudly for me to admire.

“It’s not a house, Mommy.”

Confused and curious, I asked him what the picture in front of me was supposed to be, if not a green house, with a pitched roof and a big, red heart where a typical front door should stand.

“I drew a birthday card with a heart on the front. You know, a picture like you do on your big computer sometimes.”

He’s in kindergarten and they’ve since moved from the two-dimensional shape study to three-dimensional recognition in everyday items. But he tells me that they’re not working on that when they get into the computer lab. They’re merely given a theme and the marching orders to create something ‘that fits’ that theme.

Aside from the maternal lovey-dovey that overcame me when he pointed out what should have been the obvious given the fast approaching holiday all about mom, I was overwhelmed with pride at his handiwork and, furthermore, his commitment to the details. When he’s curiously peering over my shoulder while I work, I’ll tell him some of the basics of adding visual depth to whatever it is that’s on the screen. (For what it’s worth, nine times out of ten, I’m hoping his intrigue doesn’t strike while an 8-bit wiener is in progress…) He’ll furrow his brow and nod his head, then ask an irrelevant question about one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, leaving me with little else to do than smile wide and kiss him on his adorably sweet, six-year-old forehead.

As his mom, I’m dedicated to passing on practical skills to him for the ever-evolving professional world he’ll one day enter. Leading by example is one of the most important ways I can guide him to understanding that the landscape that serves as your creative outlet and also the one that pays for your pizza and cookies and chocolate milks don’t have to be separate. That they can play harmoniously with one another in a way that may not be as turn-key as a paper application and an interview in over-starched dockers.

And, as most parents are wont to do, I often wonder if I’m doing that right, or if I’m unintentionally just being ‘a total weirdo mommy’.

But this Mother’s Day ‘card’ stands to prove that he’s really watching.

What I do. What I create.

That Graphic Design Kid Grind

And he’s very inspired by it.

So that is pretty damn stellar.

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