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Crap You Don’t Need This Holiday for Music Lovers

Here’s where to find the crap to gift a music lover this holiday season:

SOL REPUBLIC PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black

Oh, snap! Oh snap! I honestly have not let this little puppy rest since I got it a month or so ago. The thing blows all of the other bluetooth speaker solutions off their dumb butts with the sound quality and compact-ness (<--totally real word) it flaunts. Plus? If I were the type to do physical activity of any kind beside occasionally changing my sweatpants to less soiled sweatpants, you can get a neat little bicycle handlebar attachment doo-hickey that brings this bad boy on the road with you. And yes, I did happen to have a rather epic hip hop dance party about waking up in my new Bugati on my bed. In my underpants. And it was as cool as doing that in public. But with less arrests for indecent exposure…

You can get your hands on your very own HERE.


Wish I Was Here Vinyl Soundtrack

At it again, is the sexy musical curator behind Garden State, Mr. Zach Braff with his latest film, Wish I Was Here. I think I owned four or five copies of the Garden State soundtrack on CD when it came out. Imagine my elation when I pre-ordered the digital download version of this record from iTunes and then immediately knew I needed to have it on vinyl. And then I got my hands on one of the very limited edition versions complete with character paper dolls, hot pink records, and other top secret goodies and copious amounts of sexually-charged butt touching commenced. Man it feels good to be a gangsta. And yes, the track listing is as phenomenal as you’d expect and richer on the turntable than in your earbuds.

You can get your hands on the standard edition vinyl HERE.

The Beatles All These Years Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

God, what is with me and ALL THE BOOKS?! I’ve never been able to see why a book isn’t a perfect solution for gift-giving so deal with it, alright? This is the first volume in a series of books covering one of the most iconic bands in our planet’s history, The Beatles. Mark Lewisohn takes us on a stroll down memory lane riddled with some of the best kept secret memories and realities that the quad of British panty-droppers experienced. A huge, long, fatty read, but one that’s worth every letter on the page. Plus, when you’re done reading, it makes the perfect door stop or meat tenderizer because of The Heavy.

You can dive into the world of the bowl-cut beauties HERE.

Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photographic History, 1955-Present by Gail Buckland

Aw, snap! Get ready for your coffee table to not know what the hell just hit it! Who Shot Rock and Roll is right up there with a few of the Annie Leibovitz shot collections we have floating around here. Except this one is lots better because it’s essentially a Photopedia of music photographers from 1955-2009. It shows off a ton of the shots they’ve taken and gives you a little glimpse into who the person behind the lenses of the most iconic artist shots were/are. It is worth every penny you spend on it. Even the pennies you need to spend on bail money for spending too long thumbing through it at Barnes & Noble and needing to be escorted out by security.

Get some swoon central musician eye candy HERE.

thumbsUP! Vinyl Coasters

Kitschy, hipster and cool. Which sounds like a weird beard bar in Portland, sure, but in our case today, it’s the best adjectives I can muster for this set of four coasters. I love these little guys because they’re awesome at staying put. I mean, they’re made out of rubber after all so your drink, no matter the threat level: definite you are at clumsily reaching for beverages like yours truly, there’s no way you can blame the surface protector from now on. Not to mention they’re the perfect size and weight to play a mean game of body frisbee with your family. Uh…not that we’ve ever had full out battles that included duct taping throw pillows to our bodies or anything…

Get your drinking container stabilizing protectors HERE.

Zappa: A Biography by Barry Miles

Yep. Another book. Another biography. But this time we’re talkin’ about the life of the insatiably captivating, Frank Zappa. There are no less than a dozen or two biographies floating around the world on the man’s life and legacy. This particular installment, however, is by far the most well-done. I suppose that’s to be expected when it’s penned by a man who was very close friends with the subject during the most formative adventures of his life. From Zappa’s sickly Italian-American childhood in the 40s, to the moment he decided to actively pursue his dreams of becoming, get this, a classical composer, Barry Miles was along for the ride. A point of view very few predecessors can lay claim to having experienced alongside Frankie.

Get your hands on a copy of it now. And also maybe one for someone you know who likes music/Frank Zappa/amazing biographies HERE.

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