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And Then I Left My Phone in George Lucas’ Bathroom

Traveling is one of my favorite parts of my “job”.

I air-quoted those written quotation marks after I typed them because that’s how fulfilling and wonderful and fun this thing I do that makes me money to spend on coffee and “____ IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL” tees truly is.

But even with all of the tomfoolery I so often spout from here and there and everywhere, a lot is required to occur behind the scenes to bring that to life.

I was privileged to be invited to moderate a panel of a few of my renowned and wildly talented peers this weekend at Dad 2.0 Summit, hosted in the always great city of San Francisco. The Panel, The Creative Parent: Strategies for your Right Brain, gave the four of us the opportunity to share our experiences in finding the balance between seizing the moment creativity strikes while managing not to entirely disengage with our bustling family lives. Or rather, we shared how it’s less “striking a balance” and more “starting a love affair with note-taking”.

Beyond the generosity of the conference co-founders, Doug French and John Pacini, to graciously invite me into the community in my second year from merely an avid supporter to a resource for attendees, I only stood to enrich my relationships with the captivating, passionate men that comprise the many faces of modern fatherhood. They’re found here. And they’re changing the world.

It’s been interesting for me to attend these annual events and continue the dialogue beyond the physical proximity of the conversations. I worked for quite some time in a very male-dominated industry before parenthood, always feeling most comfortable. Once becoming a mother, I found my tribe of like-minded moms (read: slightly off-color, yet as madly devoted to our children as the mom scrapbooking each minute of their children’s lives) who continue to be some of the deepest friendships I’ve ever known. But it was when I walked into the main ballroom in New Orleans, insanely out-numbered, and entirely interested in, for the first time in years, what each and every one of those other people was working toward, fighting for, rallying against, and hoping to achieve by sitting in the same room. And the interest was openly reciprocated.

It was refreshing to be right back in that natural space of instant camaraderie and genuine interest. A reality that was no less present, dare I say more prominent by at least 100-fold, this year. My mind cannot begin to grasp what it might be next year as the blossoming community reconvenes in Washington, D.C.

As always, it was an experience with many moving parts. One that required support from a team of incredible movers & shakers and partners that took form in brand and media sponsors. It’s always great to have an excuse to see some of your favorite business pals and try your darndest to build new ones with those that played starring roles in the dismissive experiences you’ve had in years past. Not to mention the mind-boggling opportunities you get to accidentally leave your phone in the bathroom outside the remarkable screening room at Lucasfilm. That shit doesn’t happen every day, y’know?

A pretty swell weekend, all things considered. New friendships, strengthened bonds, full souls.

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