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Full Moon at Twilight Elf (and Friends) | #InappropriateElf

Full Moon at Twilight Elf (and Friends) | #InappropriateElf

Full Moon at Twilight Elf (and Friends) #InappropriateElf

Last weekend, just before it was time to shape up and make his grand, disciplinary re-introduction, Bob thought he’d have a few buddies over to…well…”chillax”. Who to invite was an easy call for Bob. Why, who wouldn’t call up their BFFs Bill Compton and Rick Grimes for their last hurrah?! WHO?! Bill & Rick made their way over to Bob’s place pretty fast and it was time to let the good times roll…

The thing about this trio of bad boys is that once they get down on it, their imaginations get the better of them. Now, you want to talk about hair-brained ideas? When they all got together before last year’s call to duty, they woke up to glitter everywhere and receipts for an all-you-can-eat, titty bar breakfast buffet. Bill said that another friend “highly recommended” the omelet bar. Because everyone wants some eggs with booby tassels twirling a few feet away. Welcome to Sunday morning breakfast in the Shuggilippo household.

Well, needless to say that this year, they decided to go see Lincoln totally loopy and made an inappropriate pit stop on the way to their theater…

Full Moon at Twilight Elf (and Friends) #InappropriateElf

I can’t say I’m entirely all that upset with the guys for this crude display of public indecency. I mean, it stands to reason that a ridiculous stoner elf, a zombie slayer, and a real(er) vampire would bare their pasty white asses to express their opinion on such a silly franchise. Word is they even timed it well enough to avoid management’s attention. Double kudos, brahs.

(Also? I’m fairly certain YOU were the one who couldn’t find Ken doll clothes any.fucking.where and decided to make single-sided crap for Bill and Rick instead. Positive, actually. Okay fine, just…stop judging me.)


Chippenelf the #InappropriateElf If you thought this was good, you should check out what my elf is up to this year HERE. (<–guaranteed giggles)
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