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Now with More Vlogging

Hey guys, haaaaaaayyyyyyyyyayayayayaya!

Too much? I thought so.

I’ve been falling so madly in love with all of the vlogging prompts from Kat and other YouTube superstars that I decided it was time for me to get into the regular vlogging groove.

What does that mean for you…

Well it means that you’re about to see my swanky mug on your computering device screen TWICE a week on Wednesdays for #AnswerinStuff and now on Fridays for FriHIday. Get it?!

And what better way to kickstart a vlogging career than to tackle the infamous, fifty question TMI tag!

Also? Please to be enjoying the chunk of salad shrubbery that dominated its four minutes and fifty one seconds of fame from the comfort of my tooth.

Douche canoe.

Be sure you check out the channels of the peeps I tagged to be the next to give us all too much information about themselves: Nate, Lisa, Stewart, & Brittany

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