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The One Where I Admit I'm a Belieber + Free Justin Bieber Posters

The One Where I Admit I’m a Belieber + Free Justin Bieber Posters

The One Where I Admit I'm a Belieber + Free Justin Bieber Posters

It was a brisk Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles and we snuggled up across from one another in our sweatpants, digging into our Chinese food to talk about Justin Bieber’s new film Believe set to hit theaters this Christmas. Well, at least that’s what I was doing. I can’t be too certain what Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, was eating or wearing because “across from one another” was more like “across town from one another”, but tomato, toe-mah-toe, right?

Now when I got the email asking if I’d be interested in having a one-on-one with Pattie to discuss the movie, it took me no less than four point eight milliseconds to say, in my calmest, all caps reply email, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! DUH!!” Here’s the thing about having the opportunity to chat with one of this generations’ most well-known pop stars’ mothers…you get the chance to find out where that person came from. Sure you can read articles around the web or in gossip rags about the who and the what, but speaking with your vocal cords and using your brain to ask the questions (and receiving intellectual answers, I should interrupt myself here to add) with Pattie was an experience like none other I’d encountered from my “interviewing famous people” days. It made me a ‘belieber’.

There were important things I wanted to ask like, “How many times in a single day do you wish he’d pull up his pants?” or “If you had to choose one, would you rather drink chocolate milkshakes or kale smoothies for the rest of your life?”. Instead I went for the more interesting questions.

Pattie shared everything from the challenges she faced as a young mother to how she very much feels like she’s grown up alongside Justin. From the beginning she found it important to do whatever it would take to share her story even before “Justin Bieber was a household name”. The movie Believe (set to hit theaters Christmas Day) is an opportunity for Justin to tell his. I can’t tell you anything about the film, but I can say you should go HERE to see where it’s playing near you. I will say, that it made be a Belieber. It did.

Don’t think I forgot about the part of the post that you probably really came here for: the free posters. I was given four, 11×17 versions of the film poster to give away to all you fine people ::motions dramatically to the twelve of you sitting before me on your smartphones and laptops:: Three of them will come to the winner in one of those cool cardboard tubes and you’ll have to put heavy books on them after you unroll them so they’ll lay flat on the ceiling above your bed. The last one? Well that one is going to get to you signed* & framed. I’m pretty sure I don’t even need to say anything else…go enter.

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Damn, You Fine! Print:

I was provided the opportunity to interview Pattie and the giveaway materials for this film from Grace Hill Media and am still shock-riddled by my self-discovery of Belieberhood. Resources for the films promotional materials provided by Grace Hill Media. The totally stupid questions I would have asked Pattie are all my own. Obviously.

*Signed by me, Jess, with my signature. There’s no forgery going on here, just a whole lot of fun with silver sharpies.

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