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The Four Things I Want for Mother’s Day

I wasn’t asked by anyone special to contribute to a master post chock full of awesome bloggers, but I’m sharing with you what I “want” for International Totally Excusable to be A Pampered Lazy Bones Day…more commonly referred to as “Mother’s Day”.

  1. Sushi. Steve doesn’t consume animals that swam before they made their way onto the table, so sea life rarely graces my palate.
  2. Snuggles. I like to snuggle with Dylan and now that he’s two years and a handful of months old, apparently mom already has cooties crawling ALL over her. No place for a sweet toddler to curl up.
  3. Sweets. This. This has already been handled without any type of prior urging on my behalf. Which? Is pretty remarkable. Steve: he’s learning. He’s learning that the simple things make me the happiest sappiest female this side of the Mississippi. He brought me cookies and Ollie Cakes from Urban Cookies in CenPho.
  4. Something-else-that-starts-with-an-S-but-isn’t-the-most-appropriate-thing-to-ask-for-on-my-blog-because-the-someone-who-can-fill-this-order-doesn’t-read-my-blog-but-his-mother-does-so-now-I-will-be-mortified-over-here-in-the-corner-as-I-rock-in-the-fetal-position. Pretty sure that explains it pretty well. Move along.

Mother’s Day is like your bonus birthday. ‘Cept I’m more apt to make a week long celebration of my birthday than of Mom’s Day because, well, there are diapers to be changed, crumbs to be vacuumed, underpants to be folded, and food to be prepared. And you want to know what? I’m totally okay with that.

Happy Madre’s Day to all my hot mamas out there!!

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