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For Shrimp Enchiladas

For Shrimp Enchiladas

Once upon a time I was easily the most hated person by all actors actively pursuing work in Los Angeles.

It happened when I, a non-actor, took a shot at a commercial that was casting “major Justin Timberlake fans” while I just so happened to be in town from Arizona. Without any sort of prior experience or portfolio (two-year stale headshots hey now), I jokingly put-in for an audition slot and heard back within hours with my call time. The audition would be in two days.

I made the last minute decision to not flake on the pre-show dinner plans with the friends I was originally in town to see and skipped the audition. Then I got a voicemail the next day from the casting company asking why I wasn’t there and if I was available for another while I was still in town. I graciously declined. To spend time with other friends I rarely get to see.

And that’s the story of how I skipped an unheard of Hollywood opportunity for a nobody to be in a commercial with Justin Timberlake (I’m no Ryan Gosling in case you’re new here) for shrimp enchiladas*:

*At least they were on special. And delicious. (I tell myself anytime I see this Target commercial…)

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