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Flume “Never Be Like You”

I think I first heard this song on a YouTuber’s vlog. Which, if you ask me, is one of the best ways to discover new music these days. I have plans to make you all regular “What I’m Listening To” vids so you can build playlists you love too.

There’s something about the honesty and sensuality of “Never Be Like You” that makes me turn the volume up to 11 when this track comes on. This video embodies the essence of the song perfectly too. We all have a story of that one time we totally messed up because we weren’t someone else. As humans, we tend to do that thing where you compare yourself or set an expectation of yourself to meet a standard that is not your own. Maybe it’s the personal season I’m currently navigating, or maybe it’s just the truth of it all, but this record could easily serve as a modern day anthem for so many of us.

Load this one up on your phone and set it to repeat. Loop it like you can’t loop no more.

Happy Weekend, Worms!

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