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Finding my Soul in Vegas | #KiaSoulRoadies

Guess who’s hitting the road again with her friends at Kia? Me. I am.

Next week I’ll be jetting off to West Hollywood and then road-tripping on to Las Vegas to tap into my music roots. This trip will be the same level of luxury as my last trip to Santa Barbara with Kia, except almost entirely in the soul department.

Sure, most people wouldn’t necessarily put finding your soul in the same context as Vegas, but we’re about going against the status quo around these parts.

See, music has always been the soundtrack to my life. It set me up to discover my deepest passions in the entertainment industry when I began working in radio. Where I thrive the most is where tunes are spinning and the energy of that creativity is afoot. It’s almost electrifying. I’ve never gone a day without having music at a dull roar in the background of my day-to-day.

I do hope you’ll follow along with me as I get in touch with the fast-paced thrill of live music as I rock out to Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Dawes and my fave guys on the planet, Kings of Leon. All from the driver’s seat of the sportier, turbo-charged 2018 Kia Soul.

I’ll be all up on Snapchat and Instagram stories with the juicy inside scoop.

The outside scoop you can enjoy on Twitter by following me @shuggilippo and the hashtag #KiaSoulRoadies.



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