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Spiffy Fifteeny Live Broadcast

This Should Be Fast & Relatively Painless

This Should Be Fast & Relatively Painless

Oh hey there, guys.

When Google keeps barking up your tree and shouting about how they “admire your creativity” and “miss how innovative you were with their social platform”, you whip a new series together because ain’t nobody got time for Google to be gluing mirrors to the tops of their Chuck Taylor’s to get a peek at what’s under the hood. And, while that analogy was incredibly perverse and inappropriate, it’s true. So, here we are, talking about what we’re going to do about that old school peeper mentality.

Spiffy Fifteeny.

Spiffy Fifteeny is the new, bi-weekly broadcast using Google Hangouts On Air to connect you nerds to some of your favorite personalities. You know, the ones that don’t live inside your head. Unless any of these people are the personalities that live in your head and tell you to eat the whole back of string cheese because it’ll make you a flying cow. Everyone wants to be a cow in a cape, right? So yeah, if they are the personalities that keep mooching from your dairy drawer, I guess, whatever. Just show up anyway alright?

The best part? It’s only 15 minutes.



Think of it as a video version of a Reddit AMA where the questions are unfiltered and the answers have never even heard the term ‘appropriate’. It should be great for entertainment value and/or blackmail. Mostly the entertainment part though. ::waves at all my scheduled guests’ agents::

Plus who doesn’t want to spend fifteen minutes of their night staring at my face doing dumb things like this?

This Should Be Fast & Relatively Painless

Enough falling in love with my deep and endless beauty, guys. Let’s get busy on the who and the what of when this shit is about to get poppin’ though.

The first episode is this coming Tuesday, March 25th at 6p PT with Chloe Searcy, Zoë Worth, & Kim Leadford. (You can RSVP to attend the event HERE)

I’m seriously hoping only a small fraction of you are reading this and saying to yourself, “Dafuq is that?!” Primarily because I think it’s weird that you speak to yourself in such an unimpressive vernacular. You’re better than that. I’ll mail you a book. With no pictures.

Well these ladies are a powerhouse in comedic hilarity. For one, Chloe & Zoë are the creators and stars of two full seasons of the wildly guffaw-inducing YouTube web series, Chloe + Zoe. And Kim, well she’s the CEO of StarStream Entertainment as well as the Executive Producer of Chloe + Zoë (and a tiny little Lee Daniels film from last year, you may have heard of it, I dunno, maybe…The Butler…::shrugs::).

Basically, what I’m saying is that you should join us next Tuesday and you don’t even have to put pants on, but there may be crotch piddling, so it’d be in your best interest to have some time of barrier between that and your furniture. If I’m going to be all internet maternal about it. You’re welcome. Clean your pits. You stink.

Also? For sure like the Spiffy Fifteeny Page on Facebook for extra special extras. Extra.

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