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How to Fake a Pregnancy

How to Fake a Pregnancy

How to Fake a Pregnancy |

Pregnancy is something that brings one into a group of humanity where women can commiserate and comfort and mostly just talk so openly about bodily fluids and mucus plugs there’s no time left for batting a ladylike eyelash.

But faking it? Well that’s a whole other realm of fitting in entirely. You’ve got to make it convincing or else you are the lunatic who faked a pregnancy to fit in and who wants that to be their byline in the high school reunion handout?

Ruth Huxley, Faked Being Pregnant Because She’s a Lunatic

Sometimes though, we’ll go to great lengths in those moments of desperation to fit in. We’ll claim pregnancy. Then we’ll claim we’re “eating for three” because saying that there are two buns baking in that oven makes things way less tricky on the upkeep. ::eye roll::

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m working on a film project called Preggoland that touches precisely on this very topic of going to the extreme measure to fit in by faking a pregnancy. The main character, Ruth Huxley (played by the incredible Sonja Bennett), is a 35-year-old who hasn’t quite grown up all the way yet. All of her childhood girlfriends have their husbands and their babies and only after making a disappointing spectacle of herself at one of their baby showers does she feel it’s time to get her crap together. And then they mistake her for being pregnant and bring her into the fold of the group. She’s not about to correct them because, hello.

PREGGOLAND - Help us finish the movie!

Acceptance and companionship? Where do I sign with this marker I used to forge my at-home pregnancy test?

I was attracted to coming on board with the film because of the story. It’s so relatable to women everywhere, whether your corner of the world turns up the pressure to procreate at thirty-five or, like myself, the ripe young age of one’s early twenties. Exploring the clique of motherhood is something I’ve done since the moment I became pregnant myself. Becoming pregnant at certain phases of life can be either extremely isolating or overwhelming accepted.

I’d love to have your help in bringing this film to its fullest life. The team was able to attract a phenomenal cast (James Caan & Danny Trejo to name a few) and go into initial production, but now they need our help to spit shine the thing. Correct the color, mix the sound and license music to make a really sexy soundtrack. And you guys have heard me talk about the effect of a soundtrack before so I won’t stand on my desk and preach about it now.

There’s a campaign currently running on indiegogo to get us those final funds. I’d love it if you checked it out, threw a buck or two at it, and shared it with all of your friends. Mostly because I want you to be able to see the thing in its full glory. You’ll like it. I promise.

Visit and share with yourself and the people you know!

PREGGOLAND on indiegogo

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