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Exceeding Misfortune

Exceeding Misfortune

Exceeding Misfortune

I’m ecstatic to be contributing to Wendy Nielsen‘s 10-week, summer series on the interesting things about female friendships.

As “one of the boys” I could have probably written seventy-trillion words on the subject of developing and maintaining fantastic relationships with women, all things considered. I chose to stick with a few less than that, but a few more words than what’s below:

“…For a very long time, I was convinced that the stereotypical attributes of “what girls like” and “what guys like” were what made me anomalous as a female. I’m happy to have discovered that there’s a whole mess of females on this planet that are just as exceptional as I am. And I was lucky enough to find them on the cusp of adulthood.”

Head over here to read the rest of the post and share in the conversation!

I’ll be waiting with a hairless cat, Twinkies & a Polly Pocket.

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