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Easy Christmas Wall Decor

Easy Christmas Wall Decor

I stand firm with traditions, especially the age old tradition of setting up Christmas decor NO SOONER than the weekend of the tryptophan coma and no later than the first day of December.

But…BIG BUT…and hear me out now.

I thought of a brilliant idea for some spare frames that used to hang in Dylan’s room until he, in what I’m assuming was a fit of joyful toddler rage, ripped them from the wall, declaring he was ‘so done’ with wall decor. These album frames have been sitting on the hallway counter for…a month? maybe two?

Now, with the help of some snazzy vintage-inspired 12×12 Christmas scrapbook paper with a repeating pattern, lots of some minimal dusting, and some sturdy nail action, they are displayed festively on the wall of our home that was formerly barren and cold and lame and barren and lame.


Easy Christmas Wall Decor via @shuggilippo

It’s a really, really easy way of putting your obsession with purchasing picture frames to use repurposing picture frames to decorate for the holidays.


What type of paper style would you go for with your wall art this winter season?


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