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Day in the Life: Alpacafest 2016 at Alpacas at Windy Hill via

Day in the Life: Alpacafest 2016

You ever have those moments of pure cabin fever with the family? Well we do. And this past weekend was no exception to the stir crazy.

Naturally, we decided the solution was to go to Alpacafest at Alpacas at Windy Hill. As you do.

Honestly I was terrified of an alpaca actually touching me, but I wasn’t above trying. Repeatedly. Pretty much all day. None of them were takers to my alluring invitations though. And by alluring invitations I obviously mean laughing nervously and extending my arm over the fence that separated us.

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Dylan had a blast. He got an alpaca fur teddy bear that is quite possibly the softest, silkiest thing I’ve ever touched in my whole life. I keep rubbing it on my cheek when he’s not looking. Don’t tell or he’ll be mad at me.

One of the best parts about Alpacafest, besides the obvious adorableness of the creatures, is that the event was free. F-R-E-E. Zero dollars and zero cents but priceless amounts of excitement and family memories.

If you’re in the LA area and want to visit Alpacas at Windy Hill, head to their events calendar to see what’s coming up next for you to enjoy!

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