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Your First Day of Kindergarten and The Rest of Your Life

Your First Day of Kindergarten and The Rest of Your Life

Your first day of kindergarten wasn’t today. It was a couple months ago, but you still had it. It still happened.

We sat calmly and quietly as we waited to be welcomed into your new classroom, a slight tension of nerves floated around your less-than-tiny, five-year-old body. I could sense you were excited with a tinge of uncertainty. Let’s be real here. You were about to walk into the room that would take you away from the days of hanging out with Mommy until Daddy got home. As I sat next to you, I felt exactly the same way.

The door opened and we said our hellos as the teacher said their welcomes. I saw the illumination in your bright and hopeful eyes as you surveyed your new daily digs. It wasn’t your playroom or Mommy’s bed to jump on or the living room floor that served as the canvas for our trainscapes, but it was something you could tell was about to be your ultimate stomping ground.

As you found your place on the bright green square, front and center at the feet of your kindergarten teacher, I watched on in wonder at how brave you’ve become. My shy little guy, who would barely peer out from behind my legs in the company of his family, was now excitedly participating in the face of something scary and new and void of any stilts of his mother’s to hide behind.

Your teacher asked the room before her, full of your newest friends, who was nervous or scared about their first day of school to which you politely sky-rocketed your teeny arm into the air and exclaimed with a calm yet beaming confidence, “I was never afraid.”

Your First Day of Kindergartend and the Rest of Your Life

I was never afraid either, Doodle.

You’re pretty damn brave.

And I’m pretty damn proud.

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