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Dan Deacon “Woof Woof”

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What the absolute fuck did I just watch?”

Well, you just watched one of the most cleverly hilarious uses of puppetry in a music video for artist, Dan Deacon‘s, “Woof Woof”. Something about this video takes me back to the days of the acid trip children’s shows of the 70s. I mean, it doesn’t take me specifically back there because I wasn’t alive yet, but I’m close with enough people who were exposed to the ultimate weirdness that was Lidsville to know that this is a very special brand of WTF.

If you haven’t been following the career of the ever-charismatic Deacon, you’re slightly dead to me, but I’m also willing to give you talent mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate you from that emptiness.

How could you not want to hug this shit out of a man that looks this adorable when he’s ready for a sweet embrace?

Dan Deacon 'Woof Woof'

Dan does touring date things where he goes to cities and…you know what touring is. Don’t make me feel like an idiot.

He also Tumbls and Tweets and Books the Faces. Follow him on those things to rid yourself of the void in your soul’s joy.

Do it now.

Do it for the puppets.

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