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If I weren’t already madly in love with Target like the rest of the American female population, I would be now that the infamous Dollar Spot is carrying $3 wigs. THREE DOLLAR WIGS! Did you hear me? Just go. I mean don’t stick around here. Get in your car and drive to the nearest Tar-jay and get some. Duh.

OPI Nordic Fall Winter Collection

Like I said, not particularly Halloween per se, but the Nordic Collection by OPI is out of control wonderful. My toes are all awesome teal (not “frostbite chic” like you’d think when you think of Nordic) and my fingernails are like, “Excuse me, ma’am. Do you have this color in Stockholm?!”

Did I mention that one of the reasons I’m a diehard OPI fan is because of how hilariously punny the names of the colors are? Because that’s mainly why. Also they have great stuff for making yourself look less homeless in sweatpants and sports bras. ::shrugs::

Click on these words to get the mini sample collection I show off in the video. Do it.

Binary BOO Tees

These are mine. I designed them. I like them. They’re fun and nerdy. I think that you should own one. Or both if you’re feeling especially festive this Halloween slash do not want to fuss with dressing up as anything in particular and still not look like the Scrooge McDuck of the creepiest holiday of the year. Well I guess second creepiest. I find Arbor Day quite terrifying if I do say so myself. You can HEAD OVER HERE to order yours today. They ship in 5-7 business days which means you could have it in time to make your twelfth trip to the costume shop to exchange your child’s indecisive character affinity of choice. It’ll help you get a much needed chuckle from the 16-year-old cashier. #LittleVictories.

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