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Lindt HELLO Chocolates

Lindt has a whole new line of chocolates and they’re crunchy and delicious and if I eat anymore of them I will most likely turn into a Lindt HELLO chocolate.

elum Letterpress Cards

I’m not even sorry that I’m showing you paper goods in like every other episode because there’s nothing quite like good old fashioned, tree shavings you can print and stamp and scribble on. I love sending “just because” greeting cards in the mail to friends and family so when I stumble upon a company that’s nailing the quirkiness that basically mirrors my own weirdness, I snatch that shit up. Check out more pre-made designs and customization options over on elūm’s website.

Plus? Don’t forget to TWEET ME with who you think is all that and a bag of potato crisps for your chance to win a set of the ones I supermarket sweeped like they were the hams on special.

Forager Project Cold-Pressed Juices

Love me some nuts, y’all! Of course I mean like tree nuts or wherever else nuts grow. Wait a second. Yeah. Where do nuts grow if not on trees?! Anywho…when Fresh and Easy started carrying Forager Project I was like, “Hot damn! This is the greatest trip I’ve made to the grocery store since yesterday!” I’m terrible at eating breakfast and everyone always yells at me even though I figured that crap would stop once I didn’t live with my mother anymore so I usually grab one of these bad boys and sip, sip, chug to get that wonderful, top o’the morning energy boost. It’s also a toss up for me on which of the Nuts flavors I like more. I mean on the one hand, there’s the cacao one in the video but on the other hand? Cinnamon & vanilla? Sort of also very much my thing. Head over here to see where you can buy some for yourself.

TITS Binary Tees to benefit Breast Cancer Research

After much deliberating and pinky-swear-you-won’t-think-of-me-as-a-douchey-pink-washer outreach to those friends I know who have been directly affected by breast cancer, I have decided to release a design to fundraise toward the efforts of researching the icky disease. Most people aren’t too keen on a t-shirt saying the word “TITS”, but these ones do…only in binary code so it’s a conversation starter and cleverly geeky. The design is available in four shirt colors (pink, black, white, & silver/grey) and come in the deep v-neck style my LOL morse code tees are. They’re super soft and comfy even if you never leave your house in them. Although I’d recommend leaving your house in them because today alone I’ve gotten 4 chuckles and 5 compliments alone. Plus? All of the proceeds, I’m talkin’ every.l ast.penny. will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation even after October is over. These bad boys are strictly for fundraising. Head over to the shop to pick which one you’d like to rock.

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