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Here’s where to find the crap I love in this episode:

Henry James print by Evan Robertson

When I originally stumbled upon this collection of prints by Evan Robertson I was like, “Nice. These are pretty cool.” Then I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole and have plans to collect about 90% of the ones he’s created for the Literary Prints series. I highly recommend you doing the same if you’re the type that’s into words and literature and cool fucking art. Buy it on Fab.

Pocket Shot Whiskey

What else is there to say about these things, really? I mean those on-the-go pureed fruit pouches are great and all for kids, but what about us parents who are stuck in a much more frantic state of existence that apples and sugar can’t quench quite like a hit’a whiskey can do. I should note that these come in a variety of liquor types and can be found (in-store) on one of those really cool travel size carousels that you should certainly not spin to fast because the last thing you want when you’re in a BevMo is for the staff that looks barely old enough to drink themselves thinking that you don’t really need to have portable booze on your person, ma’am. Ahem. Buy it at BevMo!

Peanut Butter & Cupcake by Terry Border

You know I love the shit out of Terry Border already. Now it’s time for my kid to love the shit out of Terry Border. This thing is bursting with the most clever food puns and bent objects you’ver ever seen in your entire life. I swear it. And you know how much I love to swear about/at/regarding things that I love. Buy it on Amazon!

Cool Magnifying Glasses

Nothing tells your houseguests that you may be closer to certifiably insane than they already thought before they arrived quite like a serving tray piled high with cool, old-school magnifying glasses. Amirite?! They serve absolutely no purpose other than to be an awkwardly placed and present attempt at quirky home decor, but I love ’em and I love keeping an eye out for them everywhere I go. Last year alone was quite the Christmas of magnifying glasses. I will say that it sucks trying to dust those friggin things and so help me if you think I’m going to spritz the glass with some Windex to keep them spic-and-span you’re off your rocker. My entire collection thus far has come from various HomeGoods stores. You guys know HomeGoods, right? ::wrings hands in nervous anticipation at your answer to this very important question:: Find a HomeGoods to scour!

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