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method Foaming Hand Wash – Kelly Moss – Fall Limited Edition

I am that woman in Target who spends an inordinate length of time in the soap aisle, unscrewing every lid and breathing deeply from the lid crack to get a solid judge of the fragrance of my hand wash. Don’t even get me started on the companies who put that oops-we-don’t-want-this-washable-product-to-leak-out-of-its-container seal on the top. I will never ever be your customer. Ever. Stop that immediately. Well this bottle is seriously what I imagine a wilderness man who works in a moss field (If that’s a thing that exists. If not, it should.) and comes home every night to envelope you in his musky, sweet embrace would smell like. And yes. I do sit at my desk, cup my hands over my nose and huff like there’s no tomorrow after I wash my palms with this stuff. Go HERE to get a bottle of this good-smelling man wash, but it’s for your hands.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Heather Low-Rise Hipster

The one time in my life where someone asked me if I were a hipster and I answered yes, you can be certain that Q&A will have happened in the underpants section between myself and a complete stranger who, for some unknown reason, was curious about the cut preference of my drawers. I got a package of these back in May at a conference and then swiftly put a sticky note on the breast of the only man at the expo booth that said “Beauty Is Panties”. It was this whole thing that was going on and there was encouragement and a video camera present and don’t judge me. I got to keep the underwear. I think we can all agree that that equates to a win. So now I live in these things. Every night for bed I opt for slinking into a pair of these (The yellow ones are my fave if you weren’t asking.) puppies. You can get your hands on these particular ones by going HERE or check out their other cuts & fabrics. I bet your butt cheeks and your bloaty period tummy will thank you. Mine do. Well they thank me. Because I buy them these all the time.

Threshold™ Metal Spotlight Collection

I am the worst about working super late into the night and not dimming my monitor’s backlight so when I try to close my eyes and be looking at zero of the lights, I get crippling headaches. Since I upgraded my workspace to a massive area to fill with tchotchkes, I don’t have a lot of room on the desk itself for a lamp. While perusing the lighting aisle at Target last week, I stumbled upon this bad boy and audibly “ooh-ed”. The teens messing around with the floor poufs for the sake of a Vine gave me a weird look. After that though, I chucked the last one with the soft brass finish into my cart, puffed out my chest and strutted like a boss out of there. After paying of course. Don’t shoplift. You can save your eyeballs by ordering one HERE or going in-store if you’ve got a Target close by. If not, bless your heart. I’m so sorry for your struggle.

Belli Skincare PREP Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub & CLEANSE Anti-Blemish Facial Wash

My face = mad zit zone. I have really oily skin because of that whole lots of Italian genetics thing, so when it comes to what products I lean toward to help balance that situation, I usually only trust/use/become-a-loyal-fangirl-of solutions that don’t suck my face dry of ALL OF THE OILS or, and this might actually be a personal priority over that, make me smell like I walked out of a chemical plant every morning for the sake of a beaming complexion. HONESTY ALERT: I’d never even heard of Belli Skincare before they reached out to me a couple months ago. And no, they did not email me and say, “Wow. We can tell that you have terribly oily skin because of that whole lots of Italian genetics thing you have going on. You should use our stuff.” It was more like, “Are you expecting?” And I was like, “No. I’m totally not.” And they were like, “That’s okay because we formulate our lines to be safe for everyone. Even if they aren’t going to shoot a human being out of their bodies at some point within the next 10 months.” Alright so maybe I added the pregnancy imagery, but the undertones and part about being safely formulated are accurate. So…I’ve been using the stuff for a while now and I’m like, “Yup, yup. Hashtag nailed it.” Feel good about this too because they’re birthday is coming up and they’re like, “We don’t want any presents. We just want to eat so much French onion dip we need to be rolled home and give you guys all the stuff.” So from September 8th – September 23rd, go to the Belli website + use code BDAYBASH30 at checkout to save 30% on your whole entire order.

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