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I love crap.

I love lots and lots of crap so I thought it was due time I started a “My Faves” series that I see all over the place on YouTube. But I’m going to do it every Monday for you. Because I’m me and I’m also a giver. #philanthropy

Here’s where you can find the stuff I fawn over in this episode:

REACH® Complete Care™ Triple Angle toothbrushes

These REACH® Complete Care™ brushes are like having a gentle, girl’s slumber party style pillow fight (because let’s not kid ourselves that boy’s slumber party pillow fights are ‘to the death’) with your pearly whites. They come in two different styles, Floss and Pro, and I can’t recommend either more. I’ve been using both for about a month now. The Floss style really gets in there for the deep cleaning with its spiral bristles and the Pro is like a double-decker toothbrush that sneaks into the hard to reach spots. Single brushes run at $3.99 and the dual-pack I am modeling so wonderfully in the video run at $5.99. You can buy them basically everywhere they sell toothbrushes.

This Little Piggy Greeting Card Set

Because I’m a sucker for sending snail mail, it was no wonder I fell in love with these anytime greeting cards by Brent Almond when they showed up at my door. Plus they’re full of pig puns which are one of my favorite things in the universe. And also make me hungry for bacon. Which, not surprisingly, does not come with your package of anytime greeting cards. But they’re still really sexy and sturdy and when you brain fart while writing a sweet message to someone, your ultra fine point permanent marker won’t bleed through the paper. Ahem. So I hear. They run at $15 and you can head HERE to order yours.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

Much like other highly responsible and organized adults with children I know, I am great at forgetting that I have clean laundry in the dryer. For at least a week. Which is why I am certain that my vibes of incredibly impressive laundry completion skills oozed over to the folks at Downy and they were like, “Yeah. Homegirl needs this. Bad.” They call it “The Wonder Bottle” and I can’t say that I disagree with them. I’ve packed a travel-size version ($1.99/bottle) away into every suitcase we own in this house. Also realized we have a lot of suitcases in this house. I also keep a 1-liter bottle ($6.99) right next to my dryer sheets because they’re going to be used the same amount as one another. There’s no use in trying to deny it anymore. The truth hurts. But at least it will smell lovely and not have any wrinkles.

Starbucks® Discoveries-Caramel Macchiato

I’m no stranger to drinking so much coffee I have terrible reactions from my nether-bum. I caught a flashy little “NEW!” sign in the milk/juice/cold beverages section at the grocery store and knew I had to try this at least once. And then I tried it again. And then Vanilla Latte because I had to be really sure that they were onto something good over there at The Bucks. They are. It’s real good to have a giant bottle of the sugary-abomination to coffee stuff in the fridge. Plus the bottles run at ~$5.00 which is a mad steal compared to the daily venti-quad-mondo-spresso-chai-latte-extra-ice things I would get a few times a day. Addictions, people. I haz them. To mostly sugar & coffee.

So whaddya think? Should I do this every week to tell you about some of the crap I love that makes my life cooler and easier and more delicious and fun? Because I kind of like doin’ it.

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