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Chippenelf the #InappropriateElf

Chippenelf the #InappropriateElf

Chippenelf the #Inappropriate Elf via @shuggilippo

It’s that time of year again. The time where children cower in fear at the creepy, secret spy sent by Santa to watch them from weird places in your house.

I had the elf mooning a Twilight poster with Bill Compton & Rick Grimes last year, but this year he’s been demoted so he’s taking oddball jobs wherever he can get them. Even if it means trading his iconic elf cap as a hat for a makeshift junk cover.

Happy Elfing!


Full Moon at Twilight Elf 2012 via @shuggilippo

If you think this year’s contribution to the Inappropriate Elf craze is hilarious, you should see what my elf got himself mixed up in last year HERE.

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