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Cameron Rafati “Broken Door”

Cameron, Cameron, Cameron.

In the few years I’ve known Cameron and more specifically his tune-age, to this day I still find it hard to pinpoint what makes him so damn lovable.

His latest single, “Broken Door”, is one of those jams that make you wonder, “Why? Why am I smile-crying and singing SO LOUDLY INTO MY HAIRBRUSH?!” Well, the hook, the melody, the lyrics. That’s why, you weird freak. Stop talking to yourself. And for Pete’s sake, leave your hair tools be!

And you know this girl right here with the two thumbs and the penchant for overexposed everything* has a major love affair with the stunning minimalist approach to the ditty’s video.

You can check out more of Cameron’s face and talents by visiting him over on Facebook.

And throw your dolla, dolla bills at him over on iTunes, y’all.

*I could care less for some over exposure of crotches though. Keep it in your pants, let’s dance.

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