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A Black Thumb Walks into a Department Store

A Black Thumb Walks into a Department Store

I’ve never been known to have what some would call a ‘green thumb’. Hell, I grew up in the land of river rock, palm trees, and saguaro cacti for the love of Pete. I can’t keep a succulent cluster alive for the life of me and that’s practically the hardest plant in the world to off with poor plant maintenance skills.

Someone call the people at the Guinness Record Book department. Or something.

However, before shipping off this past weekend to attend a beautiful wedding in that dastardly, heat-riddled desert I mentioned, I had a chance to swing by Macy’s for a glimpse at their 2014 Flower Show, aptly named The Secret Garden.

Where the secret was clearly that Macy’s knows what’s up about floral arrangements as well as garments & housewares & stuffs.

A Black Thumb Walks into a Department Store

Luckily for me, I also happen to live in a place that some consider the mecca of flower spots; a little place you may have heard of called Pasadena, CA. You know, the home of that famous parade with the football and all the flowers.


That one.

This is to demonstrate how beautifully picturesque my store was for the event. Running from March 21st through March 23rd, there was a special event within the event (so meta-ception of them. kudos, Macy’s) on each day. Friday, I was able to experience the unveiling of the bouquet of the day as well as watch some insanely talented event goers try their hands at a floral painting. When you have a wily six-year-old who knows where the ‘handsome clothes’ are, there’s no chance for mama to hunker down and get her paint stroke on.

It would have been much better if we’d been able to attend the Sunday event that involved, tea, cookies and child friendly activities. Clearly.

Nonetheless, this was my first year even knowing that Macy’s did a wonderful springing into Spring type event at their stores. How great a customer am I? (hint: obviously terrible.)

Leave a photo for me in the comments below on how your Macy’s is celebrating Spring!

Damn, You Fine! Print: I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere threw some cash money, dolla dolla bills at me for this post about Macy’s. Without the throwing. It was a digital transaction. Anyway, the thoughts, opinions, naivety & experience of the fabulous event are all mine. Der.

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