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Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Big Hero 6

Jesskel & Ebert Reviews Big Hero 6

I’m going to come right out of the gate on this one and tell you that you’re about to read a glowy, gushing review of Disney Pixar’s Big Hero 6.

A couple of weeks ago, much to the delight of my Marvel super hero crazed six-year-old, we were privileged to be granted access to a mega advanced 3D screening of the latest animated film from Disney & Pixar, Big Hero 6.

Truth be told, going into the movie, I was a bit of a fence sitter. The teasers and extended trailers that were released online in the past few months had evoked a lot of deep and heavy emotion in a lot of the people I’m connected to. I felt like I was a totally desensitized weirdo for having not been moved in such a way.

At all.

Not even the littlest blip of The Feels on my heart radar.

I’m not a heartless cynic by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps I have been desensitized in a way having been essentially raised on Disney animated movies. Since as far back as I can recall, they all had life loss written into the main character arc. Even an adorably lovable deer lost its mom, you guys. I suppose I’ve come to expect that at some point in the storyline of any Disney film, there will be a moment of significant loss that impacts the development of the story and each of the remaining characters left to tell it. For me, that expectation “softens” the sadness of knowing it’ll be part of the film.

As for my six-year-old, he’s experienced very immediate life loss at a very young age and I’m certain the inclusion in the story has much less of an effect on him than perhaps a child who has not. Knowing my kid can handle the mental and emotional process that seeing a movie character lose a family member would cause, plays a very prominent role in the decision to bring him to see a movie like this now or hold out for emotional maturity. For the both of us.

Beyond that dimension of the story, there is a huge amount of kudos I give to the team behind this one. From the writing that didn’t leave us parents snoozing in our bag of popcorn (Have I told you how much I enjoy adult humor subtly incorporated into children’s movies?! Because it’s so much even the biggest bucket you can think of wouldn’t be able to hold it all in. see also: drunken robots) to the impressive animation of intricate mechanics and machinery and ROBOTS, I’d definitely recommend this as a top line to-do for opening weekend.

There is the tale of the underdogs, the survival of the ultimate hardship of life, the heroism of the compassionate anomaly.

Plus there’s really, really cool robotics and science and world-saving stuff.

And now, since this is a movie geared at kiddos, here are some spoilers. Today they’ll be offered up by a six-year-old whose entire fist bump game has been eternally upgraded.

He’s still too excited to not share “insider stuff” to people who haven’t seen it.

Trust me.

He’s ruined it for almost the entire 1st grade playground crowd.

Or so I hear. Ahem.

“I liked when Baymax went, ‘Hairyyyyy baby!’ when he was holding the cat.”

“I liked where Hiro’s little black robot that had a smiley face turned to an angry face and destroyed the other person’s robot.”

“I liked when Baymax went, ‘Here. Have a lollipop!'”

“I liked when Baymax went ::fist bumps:: ::blows it up:: ‘ba la la la la’.”

If those completely out of context, yet jaw-droppingly cute spoilers sold you on seeing Big Hero 6, head HERE to grab tickets to a showtime at a theater near you when it opens nationwide, Friday, November 7th!

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