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I'm Going to the AMAs as One of #KohlsVIPs

I’m Going to the AMAs as One of #KohlsVIPs

I’ll cut right to the chase…I’m going to the 2016 AMAs this weekend.

It all happened so fast so let me get you up to speed.

A couple weeks ago, I got a message from my friend, Lizz, the creator of More Than Thursdays, casually asking me what I was doing November 17th-21st. A quick check of the calendar and the dates were wide open so I said “Nothin'”. And then the truth came out. Kohl’s had invited her and a guest to attend the AMAs as #KohlsVIPs.

I'm Going to the AMAs as One of #KohlsVIPs  | SHUGGILIPPO - A Los Angeles Millennial Lifestyle & Parenting Blog - Millennial Mom Blogger - Millennial Mom Vlogger

I obviously said yes for a number of reasons (watch Day 3 to hear all about that).

Yesterday was day one. A very casual day of being professionally fitted by stylist to the stars Negar Ali Kline who has outfitted a couple people you may have heard of like everyone’s favorite human being, Tom Hanks.


I didn’t want to spoil the incredible clothes she put me in, but I will tease you by letting you know I’ll be sporting these Rock & Republic black velvet leggings on Saturday during rehearsals and filming. I am so excited because they are so comfy and leggings and I look like a badass in the whole outfit.

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