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Alexander “Truth”

Music is a funny thing. There are so many dimensions to what the different elements of a song can evoke in us. Sometimes it’s the lyrics driving a message relevant to our present, past, or future life. At other times we find the instrumental melodies leave us wondering when we got lost and how long we’ve been away. Most of the time this resonance is one or the other, rarely ever both.

Alexander Ebert, that crazy sonuvabitch, has this majestic power where he can make you feel a shit ton of things you never knew you could experience all at once. I’d urge him to add that skill to the resume he will never need. He whistles which is an automatic selling point for me on any song. (Yes, even that one. You’re probably most recently familiar with his whistlin’ skillz here.) Especially on this track (which is a few years old, yes, I know, but sometimes a sift through your iTunes library is good for the soul.) where he manages to get you tapping your toe, closing your eyes as you sway slowly, and feeling ethereally sexy. One fell swoop people. That is The Business of Music.

Fair warning: this man’s genius talent is the product of genuine insanity (and copious drug use). Bear that in mind when you begin to question the sanity of your own after watching. Or just press play and close your eyes.

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