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Afternoon Delight

Trailer Alert: Afternoon Delight via @shuggilippo

Um, I’m sorry, but the fact that a story as incredible as this is a) about to exist and b) existing because of a break-the-mold woman, makes me tingly in places I always knew could tingle, but never imagined it’d be because of something like this:

And it gets better because I’m joining my friends Morgan of and Rebecca of Girl’s Gone Child tonight in LA for a screening and Q&A with director, Jill Soloway and lead actress, Kathryn Hahn. (Pssst…that last part is all hyperlinky because if there are still tickets available this morning, you should definitely reserve some and join us.)

All I have to say is that it better hurry up and be 7:20p because if my film boner clears off one more flat surface…

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