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The Adventures of Chiff & Puff

The Adventures of Chiff + Puff

The Adventures of Chiff & Puff on

There are moments as a parent, like the one that happened the other day, where you frantically gather all of the things necessary to EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE because togetherness in this age of raising little people who have access to tiny magic boxes of moving pictures and quirky sounds is something you cherish wholly or forget about. Who am I kidding, as parents we’re pretty damn fascinated by the tiny magic boxes ourselves.

So as the three of us laid on the bed watching a silly movie the other day, Steve started doodling in one of his many journals. Upon catching the attention of our six-year-old, the kid enthusiastically shouted, “THAT’S CHIFF! AND HE’S PUFF! AND THEY CAN GO ON ADVENTURES!”

And that’s the moment I decided it was family teamwork time and we’d start creating a graphic series of Chiff & Puff and their super cool adventures as dictated by one very, very amped first grader.

Hope you love this as much as we love making them!

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