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SHUGGILIPPO (sounds like “hug a hippo”) is the central hub for award-winning influencer, Jessi Sanfilippo’s, hilarious take on entertainment and millennial parenting.

Jessi Sanfilippo is a comedian and film producer living in Oklahoma City. What began in 2008 as a “mommy blog” has morphed into an entertainment destination for parenting, movies, music, tv and the honest adventures in mental health and living a postive, creative life. Jess has built an actively engaged audience of men and women across the world who appreciate her honest and humorous approach to all of these topics. In addition, her videos have been featured by Mashable, MTV, TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Justin Timberlake, Elizabeth Banks and other various influential digital outlets.


Jess hosts the weekly web series, Answerin’ Stuff, on her YouTube channel where she takes questions from the internet and “answers” them every Wednesday.

Jess is the co-founder of the successful influencer community, Totally Profesh, that educates, encourages and excels the digital creatives of the world every day.

Jess has also teamed up with her business partner, Amy Bellgardt, to launch a wide range of creative services and opportunities through

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I’m a 2017 Iris Awards Nominee

Iris Award® Nominee for Most Entertaining Content