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2015 Year in Review Video via

2015 Year in Review Video

What an eventful year!

Before I sat down to make a list of all of the things that happened in my world in 2015, I was convinced there really wasn’t much of note. Maybe that’s because the last part of this year was the collective compounding of the less-than stuff, but I’ll say I was pleasantly and emotionally surprised to look back at it all and attribute each thing to different, tangible moments of growth for me.

It was my last year in my twenties so it better damn well have been a monumental one.

Professionally speaking, I won a lot and lost a lot. I traveled and I worked hard to achieve opportunities I never dreamt up for myself. At the close of the year, I finally felt a sense of living in my genuine, creative skin.

Personally speaking, I lost some close friends and gained some closer friends. I identified and addressed the important necessity of self-care. I created boundaries where I’d never kept them before and I Chuck-Norris-roundhouse-kicked others right the fuck out of my way.

I’ve dubbed this year, the year I turn 30, as the one for self-discovery, for travel, for friends, for family, for next-level fun. And I do hope you’ll come along with me for the ride.

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